Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014



is an artist with multiple backgrounds. Starting out during the 2nd generation of graffiti writers in Heidelberg, Germany, he developed his sense of shape, color and form in an autodidactical fashion. His fascination with the elements surrounding the letterform, led him to graduate from the Laguna College of Art and Design in California, refining his involvement in artistic expression. The subject of his paintings are people and within them are different levels of meaning involved: He takes photographs of people he meets in everyday life, makes drawings of them and arranges them in in different constellations. His paintings are a sort of diary, of some of the people he is involved with in his live. In each individual painting one can obtain 3 levels of perception. From a further distance view he trys to convey a sense of flux of forms, waves and motion. Like the waves of the ocean or a tree branch in the wind. From a medium distance, one can see the people being connected in this motion - A moment in their lives or a story that happened to them or just the emotions in their eyes. In a closeup view one can see layers of detail which are symbolizing the microcosm 
of the world. Atoms and simple organisms like bacteria and other elements that constitute the reality we perceive at an microscopic level. With this he creates his own subjective view of what creation is. The force of life that all cultures throughout history have tried to define through religion and science since humanity as a species exist.